Reaping the benefits of digitalization

Designed for all kinds of companies to assess your digital maturity and give you a foundation for internal discussions on strategic priorities in digitalization opportunities and challenges. You may also use your assessment results to initiate dialogue with your regional Digital innovation hub to gain further support in your digitalization process.

  • Improving processes through digitization and automation
  • Experimenting at low costs to reveal efficiency gains, new customer touch points or new products
  • Collecting and analyzing data to generate insights for strategic decision making
  • Establishing relationships with external partners to pool complementary resources

Still, companies often find it difficult to get answers to vital questions such as what is actually in digitalization for our business? How do we compare to other companies? Where do we start? and what should we focus on?

This is where the InnoCAPE Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) tool can help!

The InnoCAPE DMA tool

The InnoCAPE DMA tool is developed through collaboration between academic experts and business professionals to ensure that it rests on a solid theoretical foundation, that it utilizes best practice for doing digital maturity assessments, and that it is relevant to the business priorities of contemporary companies. It is designed to assess the capability of organizations to leverage digitalization, meaning that it assesses whether and to what extent companies are equipped to make use of emerging digital technologies and data to become better at what they already do, but also to realize new ways of creating and capturing value.

The InnoCAPE DMA tool is designed for all kinds of companies, albeit with the specific conditions of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) primarily in mind.

What can my business get out of using the InnoCAPE DMA tool?

By taking the InnoCAPE DMA, you will be provided with an assessment of your company’s current capacity to use emerging digital technologies and data to your advantage. You will be assessed across 5 dimensions: digital technology integration, organization and leadership, strategy, digital innovation and data analytics, each vital to your capacity to leverage digitalization.

Your DMA results will show the extent that these dimensions are developed in your company, but also how you measure up to other companies in your industry, country and the Baltic Sea Region. Your results may be useful to you in three specific ways.

First, your DMA results can be used to initiate an internal discussion regarding digitalization in your company. The basis for this will be your results and how these compare to others, but also the general feedback and advice on how particular dimensions may be improved provided with your DMA results.

Second, the results can be used to initiate a dialogue with the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) in your region. DIHs are hubs that connect companies with digitalization expertise. They serve as a link between initiatives at the European Union level and local businesses, facilitating communication between them. DIHs also build innovation ecosytems, facilitate regional networking, arrange learning and training activities, offer test-before-invest infrastructures, and provide support in finding investments for implementation of digital solutions.

With extensive experience of supporting companies in issues related to digitalization, and deeply integrated in regional business networks, your DIH will be able to provide you with support tailored to your specific needs and circumstances and help you find the expertise that you need to fuel your digital transformation.

Third, insights from your DMA results can be used to find the expertise that you need through the InnoCAPE Competence Map. The InnoCAPE Competence Map is a platform dedicated to matching digital competence demand and supply in the Baltic Sea Region. The tool is useful for those companies that seek to find a service provider to assist them in leveraging digital technology and data, as well as for service providers to advertise their services.

If you are interested in reading more about the Competence Map and digitalization, learning through workshops, or if you want to get inspired by real market cases, please visit the InnoCAPE website to learn more.

How will my data be used?

The aggregated data will be used by DIHs to evaluate the level of digitalization across industries in the Baltic Sea Region. This data will help to propose specified services that serve market needs, join and organize initiatives that would be most beneficial for local organisations. In cases, when the organisation initiates communication with DIH – the actual company assessment data will be used for further consultation.